Nanoscale Characterization of Materials

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Division of Integrated Materials

Nanoscale Characterization of Materials

Campus : Chikushi


Mitsuhiro Murayama
Professor (Cross appointment)
Hikaru Saito
Associate Professor
Shiro Ihara
Assistant Professor


Focus on developing and utilizing advanced transmission electron microscopy, so-called “in-situ nanoimaging” to visualize&investigate how materials response to external stimuli, i.e., heat, light, stress; such findings provide direct proof of underlying-mechanisms behind complex phenomena, and enhance understanding of macro-scale properties. Real-time nanoimaging demands hundreds or thousands of times faster data acquisition methods than conventional TEM imaging, which motivates us to strive novel methodology developments such as machine-learning-assisted image denoising for ultrafast 3D nanoimaging. Our unique imaging capabilities/expertise will unveil various physical/chemical phenomena at the nanoscale.