System of Functional Molecules

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Division of Applied Molecular Chemistry

System of Functional Molecules

Campus : Chikushi
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Katsuhiko Tomooka
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Yuya Kawasaki
Assistant Professor
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Tatsuya Mori
Assistant Professor (Special Project)(Cross appointment)


We are working on "development of new and attractive molecules and reactions" in order to open up new fields in synthetic organic chemistry. As a result, we have succeeded in creating unprecedented unnatural chiral molecules such as chiral silicon molecules and dynamic planar-chiral molecules, and elucidating their unique properties. We are also developing a new asymmetric synthesis method and dynamic asymmetric induction method (DYASIN), to obtain optically active chiral molecules. Furthermore, we have succeeded in developing the addition-type ozone oxidation reaction and the non-catalytic click reaction device DACN, and are proceeding with the development of their applications.
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