Nanomaterials and Interfaces

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Division of Fundamental Organic Chemistry

Nanomaterials and Interfaces

Campus : Ito


Kaoru Tamada
Yusuke Arima
Associate Professor
Yuto Kajino
Assistant Professor
Shi Ting LEE
Assistant Professor (Special Project)


Our group is studying about the interfacial phenomena between metals, metal oxides, semiconductors and soft materials in nanoscale. Our research target is not only to investigate new physicochemical phenomena on cutting edge of interdisciplinary field of science, but also to develop the new concept for future green and bio-technologies. Our topics include (1) Collective plasmon excitation on 2D crystalline sheets composed of Au and Ag nanoparticles, (2) High sensitive biosensor and high resolution bioimaging by use of localized surface plasmons, (3) Surface plasmon enhanced optoelectric devices such as LED and photovoltaic cells.