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Greetings from the Director

  • 2017-04-20 (木) 17:10

The institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering, IMCE, was founded on April 1, 2003, by merging and reorganizing Institute of Advanced Material Study and Institute for Fundamental Research of Organic Chemistry. Ever since the foundation, we have been doing chemical and chemistry-based research works keeping the original mission of producing high quality results and thereby leading materials chemistry. IMCE is also expected to play the following roles: (1) COE of advanced and inter-disciplinary research in fields of science and technology of materials/devices, (2) promotion of collaboration with and contribution to chemical and other industries, and (3) contribution to innovation in life and green science/technology.

IMCE consists of five divisions; four divisions (Fundamental Organic Chemistry, Applied Molecular Chemistry, Integrated Materials, Advanced Device Materials) that correspond to a hierarchical order of material, and a brand-new/international division of Soft Materials. IMCE has professors, associate professors and assistant professors (total number; around 45 in recent 5 years), postdoc fellows and technical staff, who produced more than 1,200 referred original research papers and reviews in FY2010–2015. The rate of “adjusted Top 10% papers” for IMCE is 15.2%, and this may be an indication of the averaged quality and contribution to materials chemistry of our research works.

IMCE has been contributing to inter-university activities for promoting chemical/materials science and technology. IMCE has been in alliance with four research institutes; Institute for Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials (Tohoku University), Laboratory for Chemistry and Life Sciences, Institute of Innovative Research (Tokyo Institute of Technology), The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research (Osaka University) and playing roles of a core of “Network Joint Research Center for Materials and Devices,” and “Dynamic Alliance for Open Innovation Bringing Human, Environment and Materials.” IMCE is also a member of Integrated Research Consortium on Chemical Science and Technology (the other contributors; Institute for Catalysis (Hokkaido University), Research Center for Materials Science (Nagoya University), International Research Center for Elements Science Institute for Chemical Research (Kyoto University)).

IMCE is really keen in enhancing and expanding research collaboration with research institutes and industries over the world as well as recruiting capable researchers. Any inquiries and questions are welcome. We believe our contributions to your institutes with effective/sustainable win-win relationship.


Jun-ichiro Hayashi
Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering
Kyushu University

Home > About the IMCE > Greetings from the Director


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