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Objectives and features

  • 2009-05-12 (火) 18:30

Our goal is to produce results of the highest global standard in “cutting-edge research in materials chemistry,” and to establish ourselves as an international center of “materials chemistry.”
In addition to promoting basic research and building foundations in areas related to materials chemistry through the creation of new concept of materials and the clarification of structures and functions, we will endeavor to share the benefits of our research results with society through developing the functions of newly created substances and materials.
Nanotechnology and materials are the common base of the entire IMCE, and are key focus areas of the government’s Science and Technology Basic Plan. The priority goal of our research is for each of our researcher groups to strive to create materials chemistry that opens new frontiers in the fields of environmental and energy technology, life sciences and IT.

■ Building a world-class center of materials chemistry research with a world-class group of researchers
Individual researchers and research groups affiliated with the IMCE create top-level scientific research results in international materials chemistry, and release those results to the world. One of our particular emphases as a research institute is the creation of results using the collective wisdom of young researchers.

■ Assuming the role of a joint domestic/international collaborative research center by utilizing the characteristics of research institute attached to a university
The IMCE fulfills the role of a collaborative core research center for materials chemistry researchers from Japan and from overseas. Through cooperation between universities which transcends the public-private divide, as well as through cooperation with public research institutions, international cooperation, industry-academia cooperation, and wide-ranging collaborative research and joint research, the IMCE also strives for the flourishing of materials chemistry by promoting advanced research based on cooperation between researchers that goes beyond the boundaries of materials chemistry. In particular, the IMCE strives to develop the new field of materials chemistry through research collaborations by utilizing the characteristics of research attached to universities which are primarily established around national university corporations.

■ Sharing the benefits of our basic research results with society
Given the anticipated social contribution of practical materials, through active participation in industry-academia collaborative research, the IMCE strives to produce research results in materials chemistry that are oriented toward the advance of corporate practical applications based on the new ideas proposed by the university. We aim to utilize large, competitive research funds for these individual/collaborative research activities and for joint research with the private sector, including national project-type research and inter-organizational collaborative research.

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