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About the IMCE

  • 2009-04-10 (金) 13:01

The IMCE consists of four divisions. In addition to engaging in a wide range of research, including the synthesis of new functional molecules, the chemistry of new molecular assemblies, the chemistry of organic-inorganic hybrid materials, and the processing of advanced materials into devices, in cooperation with research groups in each field, the IMCE promotes research related to the basic science and application of the structure and functions of materials from an atomic, molecular and nanoscale to a macroscale. The IMCE is divided across three campuses in the districts of Chikushi, Hakozaki and Ito. The faculty on each campus belong to the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences, the Graduate School of Sciences and the Graduate School of Engineering respectively, and they recruit graduate students to study master’s and doctoral courses through their respective graduate schools.

Home > About the IMCE


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