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Division of Fundamental Organic Chemistry

  • 2019-03-05 (火) 16:36

In addiion to clarifying the characteristics of organic molecules, especially substances that exhibit specific optical, magnetic, conductive or other physical properties, the aim of the Division of Fundamental Organic Chemistry is to develop molecules that exhibit distinctive functions through establishing design principles using theoretical chemistry and property analysis, and realizing empirically these principles. The division is also engaged in the development of ultra-efficient and highly-selective reactions of organic molecules, and the development of highly-controlled methods of material transformation.

Laboratory Place Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Research Assistant Professor
Nanomaterials and Interfaces Ito Kaoru TAMADA Yusuke ARIMA Sou RYUZAKI Pangpang Wang
Theoretical Chemistry Ito Kazunari YOSHIZAWA Yoshihito SHIOTA Yuta  TSUJI
Molecular Materials Chemistry Hakozaki Osamu SATO Shinji KANEGAWA Su Shengqun
Chemistry of Functional Molecules Chikushi  Yoichiro KUNINOBU Takeru
Advanced Organic Synthesis Chikushi Mitsuru SHINDO Arihiro KANO Takayuki IWATA
Junji TANAKA(Additional post)
Organic Structures and Properties (Guest Chair)
Design of Organic Reactions (Guest Chair)
Interdisciplinary Studies (Dynamic Chairs)

Home > Organization > Division of Fundamental Organic Chemistry


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