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Division of Applied Molecular Chemistry

  • 2019-04-09 (火) 16:54

The aim of the Division of Applied Molecular Chemistry is to establish the basic chemistry of atomic clusters, molecular clusters and supermolecules – which are unexplored areas of materials chemistry at the atomic and molecular levels – and to apply this to the design of molecular structures and electronic structures, synthesis, the development of physical properties and reactivity, and to functional molecules. Through the advanced control of physical properties and reactivity at the molecular level, the division aims to build macromolecules with higher-order structures, and to establish bottom-up nanotechnology. By creating molecules and molecular clusters that have new functional characteristics, and by evaluating the properties of these, the division aims to expand into nanomolecular materials.

Laboratory Place Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Research Assistant Professor
Cluster Chemistry Chikushi Hideo NAGASHIMA  Atsushi TAHARA
Chemistry of Molecular Assembly Ito Fumito TANI Kenta GOTO
System of Functional Molecules Chikushi Katsuhiko TOMOOKA Masato ITO Kazunobu IGAWA Yuya KWASAKI
Research Field of Biomedical and Biophysical Chemistry Ito Satoru KIDOAKI Hirohiko ISE Thasaneeya KUBOKI
Hybrid Molecular Assemblies Ito Atsushi TAKAHARA Ken
MATSUNO(Research Associate Professor)
Yoshifumi AMAMOTO Masaru MUKAI
Structure Analysis of Molecular Assemblies (Guest Chair)
Functional Characteization of Molecular Assemblies (Guest Chair)
Characterization of Functional Molecules (Dynamic Chairs)
Soft Interfaces (Dynamic Chairs)

Home > Organization > Division of Applied Molecular Chemistry


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