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Division of Integrated Materials

  • 2019-03-27 (水) 16:33

By freely using such techniques as molecular nanotechnology, the microfabrication of bulk materials and self-organization, the Division of Integrated Materials aims to create and apply hybrid materials that are positioned on the edge of conventional academic fields, such as organic-inorganic-bio and carbon-organic materials. In particular, the aim of the division is to develop new functional materials by blending dissimilar functions such as electronic functions and bio functions, and to establish a base for practical application. In addition to using the fusion of various types of materials to promote the development of physical/chemical/bio functional materials that are also biocompatible and compatible with the environment, the division is also engaged in the careful evaluation of the physical properties of each material.

Laboratory Place Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Research Assistant Professor
Integrated Bio-materials Ito
Design of Nano-systems Chikushi Hirotsugu KIKUCHI Yasushi
Measurement Technology of Physical Properties Chikushi
Nanostructured Integrated Materials Chikushi Takeshi
TAKAHASHI(Research Associate Professor)
Zhang GUOZHU(Research Associate)
Heterogeneous Integrated Materials Chikushi Ken ALBRECHT
Analysis of Material Functions (Guest Chair)

Home > Organization > Division of Integrated Materials


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