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Division of Advanced Device Materials

  • 2019-01-07 (月) 15:55

The Division of Advanced Device Materials aims to realize nanostructured bulk materials and to realize advanced devices through the measurement and functional analysis of the microstructures of precisely built molecular and atomic clusters, and through the development of processes to realize ordered arrays. In particular, with a focus on inorganic nanomaterials, the aim of the division is the clarification of the correlation between structure and function, the development of new optical materials that use nanoparticles , and the establishment of a fundamental engineering for the process design and controls that are necessary for the achievement of large-scale ordered arrays of nanostructures.

Laboratory Place Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Research Assistant Professor
Nano Scale Evaluation(Yokoyama Group) Chikushi Shiyoshi YOKOYAMA Kazuhiro YAMAMOTO
Andrew Marc Spring
Qiu Feng(Research Associate)
Nano Scale Evaluation(Takahashi Group) Chikushi Yoshiaki TAKAHASHI (Additional post) Akihiko TAKADA (Additional post)
Photonic Materials Chikushi Katsuhiko FUJITA Kenichi MATSUOKA
Carbon Materials Science Chikushi Seong-Ho YOON Jin
Energy Storage Materials Chikushi Shigeto OKADA Atsushi INOISHI
Microprocess Control Chikushi Jun-ichiro HAYASHI Shinji KUDO Syusaku ASANO
Fundamental Materials Science (Guest Chair)

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