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Division of Soft Materials

  • 2018-11-27 (火) 10:19

Through precise control of emerging functions and complex hierarchical structures of soft materials such as polymers, gels, colloids, liquid crystals etc, the division of soft materials aims to develop innovative and inventive technology on biocompatible materials, functional interfacial materials, nanobio-devices, and cell manipulation materials. In addition, this division pushes on constructing the international hub for extensive collaborations with overseas active research groups.

Laboratory Place Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Research Assistant Professor
Soft Materials Chemistry Ito Masaru TANAKA Takahisa ANADA
Shingo KOBAYASHI(Project Associate Professor)
Daiki MURAKAMI Fumihiro
Nano-Bio Device Ito Kaoru TAMADA Yusuke ARIMA Sou RYUZAKI
Mechanobio-materials Ito Satoru KIDOAKI Thasaneeya Kuboki
Soft Interface Chemistry Ito Atsushi TAKAHARA

Home > Organization > Division of Soft Materials


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